Mission Critical

Powerful, flexible and stable connectivity stand at the very heart of Mission Critical IoT.

Mission Critical IoT fulfil a public safety or business critical function and must function continuously. They involve fewer endpoints that handle massive levels of time-sensitive data. If a connection goes down in a critical IoT system, such as while a remote surgery is taking place, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Critical IoT systems require connectivity that can withstand harsh and remote environments and is scalable in order to support large-scale networks with thousands of controllers, robots, and machines. Reliability and low latency connectivity are vital for mission critical IoT.

The WebbingCNCT solution has a resilient and redundant network that ensures consistent and stable connectivity. It’s powerful management platform allows a streamlined, centralized, and scalable means to deploying mission critical IoT connectivity. WebbingCNCT reliably meets mission critical communication needs.

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