Innovative eSIM technology fully aligned with GSMA SGP.32

Our industry changing solution that pioneered the shift to GSMA SGP.32 standards for IoT. It puts the keys to connectivity in the hands of businesses.

IoT’s prominence is gathering momentum. Yet IoT connectivity has been cumbersome, requiring a substantial investment of funds and time to orchestrate the implementation of network providers. IoT use cases have a lifespan of up to 20 years, and making decisions today for your future business needs in a rapidly changing environment is unrealistic.

The GSMA has finally released the new SGP.32 IoT eSIM Standard, simplifying connectivity for IoT deployments. However, it will take time for the standard to become available for use. WebbingCTRL is a solution that is fully aligned with this new standard and supports the seamless transition of IoT deployments to SGP.32.

There are already millions of WebbingCTRL eSIMs deployed globally.

WebbingCTRL can easily and remotely become any wireless carrier’s SIM, eliminating network provider lock-in and providing remote provisioning platform control. Centrally and remotely provision multiple wireless carrier profiles in minutes utilizing the WebbingCTRL portal, without the need for carrier integration or collaboration. As no SM-DP and SM-SR infrastructure is involved, the carrier change takes place immediately.

WebbingCTRL provides a centralized means to manage eSIM and profile inventory as well as a remote, automatic profile swap process with no user intervention. Quickly set business rules that allow devices to change the serving carrier automatically due to location change or disruption in connectivity. Now, it’s never too late to switch your wireless carrier.

WebbingCTRL makes connectivity implementations simple, scalable, and sustainable. It is device agnostic, cost effective, and future ready.

WebbingCTRL delivers the capabilities enterprises are looking for in eSIM technology!

Efficiently meeting your current connectivity needs with 1 SKU.


  • No Wireless Carrier Lock-in – Centrally and remotely, change to any network provider in minutes, without the need for integration.
  • Efficiency – Simple and cost-effective logistics and processes. 1 SKU, Zero-Touch provisioning, and a single portal to manage all your deployments.
  • Device agnostic – Supports all devices from simple device to smart manufacturing to devices yet to be invented.
  • Multi-Profile SIM – Set up automation for backup profiles and localization.
  • No Regulatory Barriers – Interoperable with all eSIM connectivity providers in the market. Localization eliminates permanent roaming challenges and regulatory restrictions and improves application performance.
  • Future Ready – Always meet your connectivity needs with the network provider that meets your business needs.
Beecham Research

What enterprises want from eSIM technology


Manage SIMs individually or in bulk


Activate anytime, anywhere, globally


Avoiding lock in to one provider


One management portal for service, SIM,
geography and consumption


End-to-end security