Fixed Wireless Access

Fast and reliable data connectivity with wireless networks

Fixed Wireless Access is a connectivity alternative to fixed-line DSL, cable and fiber across all markets. It’s faster, more reliable, can be deployed quickly and affordably, and ideal in areas that are underserved or too difficult to reach with traditional broadband.

Enterprises need agile, flexible and cost-effective solutions if they want to compete effectively. They need connectivity solutions that are easy to implement, that are scalable and that meet the needs of growing businesses. In a world where downtime can affect both reputation and the bottom line, they need to be confident that the connectivity solutions they choose are always on.

The WebbingCNCT solution is resilient and redundant with a robust and structured framework. It’s out of the box optimized connectivity capability ensures connectivity to the best wireless carrier in the area. It offers large coverage area, connectivity choices to suit your data transmission needs, remote management and analytics of devices, private networks & security options (VPN, APN), scalability, and most importantly, it is secure by design: data is encrypted, and users are securely identified.

With WebbingCNCT you get always-consistent, always-available application performance.

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