Remote Workforce

Globally connected, securely managed

Connectivity has been transforming the way people work for some time now. It has exponentially increased productivity and made working from anywhere easier than ever. It has been instrumental in connecting workers at home with enterprises. A majority of remote work needs devices connected to the Internet, like mobile phones, laptops, microphones, and webcams. Connectivity is a vital part of the digital workplace.

For remote work sustainability, IT administrators need to be able to provide remote employees a safe, efficient and stable way to connect to the corporate network. Residential-grade networks and public Wi-Fi are less secure than a corporate network. Also, despite widespread high-speed access, it is no match for bandwidth-intensive solutions that many companies rely on today such as Voice over IP while screen sharing.

WebbingCNCT delivers secure, reliable and continuous internet connection for devices wherever they are located. It provides the speed and low latency your remote workforce requires to work efficiently. It’s revolutionary SIM technology, powerful management platforms and robust global network meets your connectivity and management needs, your needed reach and quality, and network policies and desired limitations. The WebbingCNCT platform provides cyber security protection with DDoS attack protection, botnet disruption, malware scanning and prevention, phishing prevention and real-time malicious traffic monitoring making it the most secure way to connect your workforce.

WebbingCNCT delivers a cost-effective, streamlined, centralized, and scalable means of deploying, controlling, monitoring and optimizing data usage for your organizations’ global fleet of devices.

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