by Webbing Team

The Covid-19 pandemic made online activities even more critical, as social distancing restrictions turned the internet into a lifeline for businesses and individuals. Pew Research found that 87% of Americans considered the internet as essential or important during the outbreak, and nearly 70% listed accessibility and reliability as the most critical connectivity elements. Let’s take a closer look at how the pandemic has changed our connectivity needs and what companies should look for when examining relevant solutions. 

The Day After

One change that is likely to stick around much longer than the virus is the transition to remote work. Several surveys show that most employees wish to continue working from home at least in some capacity. According to Gartner, more than 80% of company leaders intend to allow remote workA letter sent from Apple employees to company leadership demonstrates employees’ desire to continue working from home, directly connecting talent recruitment and connectivity.

The pandemic also shifted many supply chains worldwide, making it clear to businesses that a rigid solution tying them to a specific location is simply not enough. Companies that want to offer a sufficient level of flexibility need the data solution that gives them the same benefit. More than ever, the future of work relies on our ability to connect anyone, anywhere.

Your Connectivity Wish List

But what does our post-Covid connectivity requirement list look like? Here are a few traits to focus on.

  • Robust and reliable connectivity: This essential requirement almost goes without saying. Companies need a connectivity solution that allows their mobile workforce to easily and reliably connect to company resources from any location, hassle free. Whether from their laptops or phones, employees should experience consistent, fast, and secure access to any resource from any entity at any location for enhanced remote work experience and increased remote user productivity.
  • Secure and separate business networks: Now that so many employees work remotely, securing employees’ remote access is critical. Employers need to provide secure, fast, always-on access to the corporate network from every location while enforcing the same enterprise-grade security policies on all locations, users, and devices.
  • Turn-Key Solution: Implementing a connectivity solution for this new way of working should be easy, efficient, and cost-effective. Companies should be able to remotely and transparently manage end-of-month costs, employee data usage, logistics, and processes.
  • Future Proof: As everyone has experienced during this pandemic, things can change without notice. Businesses need flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly. They need a connectivity solution that can adapt to their changing business needs.  

Cellular networks are a great solution for remote work. They are secure by design: data is encrypted, and users are securely identified. Unauthorized users can not gain access. In addition, the recent advancements in SIM technology, known as eSIM, connects businesses worldwide and offers easy and efficient logistics and processes. It enables today’s workforce to become genuinely mobile and streamlines deployment from any location. Reach out to [email protected] to learn more and ensure that your organization is prepared for the next stage of connectivity.