by Webbing


The Business Impact of Webbing:

  • Guaranteed global coverage with a single connectivity provider​
  • Exceptional connection strength and high data transfer speed​
  • Compliance with local regulations on data transfer and permanent roaming​
  • Capability to use third-party carrier profiles such as FirstNet
  • Reduced cost of ownership and security solution

“  The Webbing team has been a great partner to work with. Their team has

collaborated well to problem-solve the cellular connectivity challenges together

with us, and we feel extremely confident in our solution. It is nice to know that no

matter where our mobile security units are deployed, we can connect to a strong

cellular network, and we know we are providing an excellent solution to our clients.

Moreover, we have full confidence in our ability to provide continued best-in-class

support to our clients no matter where their mobile security units go in the world. 

~Rob Oldham, VP of Sales, Stone Security


Last week during the ISC West 2024, Stone Security announced the launch of, a dedicated business division focused on delivering high-quality mobile security solutions, at the company’s Global Technology Center in Las Vegas. One of the main product lines of is a premier line of mobile surveillance trailers. With state-of-the-art technology and over 15 years of Stone Security’s experience in the implementation of network-based surveillance, access control and intrusion systems, these movable systems are the most advanced off-grid security setups and are expected to become a game-changer for the industry as a part of mobile-security-as-a-service trend.

Mobile trailers or mobile security units (MSU) involve multiple layers of defense mechanisms to protect people and assets from potential threats, and can help build a security zone anywhere in the shortest time possible, which makes them ideal for construction environments, special events, parking lots, and other high-risk security locations. But it’s not viable without a stable internet connection, so a flexible and reliable connectivity solution is critical for such security systems.


Stone Security Team


Stone Security Looking to Enhance Their MSUs with Robust Connectivity

Stone Security, a leading US-based security integration company specializing in enterprise-class physical security products and services, required a connectivity solution for their mobile units, that could guarantee robust bandwidth and global coverage. Stone Security needed to deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions to their clients, streamline operations, and expand their global footprint while ensuring exceptional support and connectivity reliability.

The Business Need:

  • Stable connectivity with solid bandwidth and global coverage
  • Scaling business into new markets
  • Compliance with all regulations
  • Reducing installation overhead costs


Stone Security Mobile Security Units


Connectivity Challenges for MSU Deployments

Stone Security mobile security units are portable systems that can be rapidly deployed anywhere in the world. The MSUs need a reliable and affordable connectivity solution with solid bandwidth without throttling limitations and the ability to run on any cellular tower with any provider around the globe.

Scaling their business into new markets in Latin America and Europe, Stone Security also needed to overcome the challenges of sourcing local connectivity providers and complying with regulations on data transfer and permanent roaming in each country. Another objective was to streamline their operations and reduce installation overhead costs associated with the management of several different carriers’ SIMs in the mobile security units.

For some of the company’s federal clients, it was also important to use a third-party carrier profile, such as FirstNet, and have other profiles as a failover option.

Project Challenges:

  • Critical dependency on bandwidth and coverage
  • Contracting with local connectivity providers for every deployment
  • Local regulations on data transfer and permanent roaming in each country
  • Extra overhead costs with several different SIMs
  • A need for multiple carrier profiles


Stone Security Mobile Surveillance Units


Comprehensive Global Connectivity with Webbing

To achieve reliable connectivity for their solutions, Stone Security partnered with Webbing. This partnership provided Stone Security with a comprehensive connectivity solution worldwide. With a secure network spanning 600+ mobile carriers in more than 190 countries and eSIM technology that provides great flexibility, Webbing ensures global coverage and access to several carriers’ networks in every region to ensure continuous connectivity for mobile units even at remote locations.

Webbing’s solution guarantees compliance with all kinds of connectivity regulations and enables roaming on mobile networks all over the world. Webbing’s eSIM allows for remote provisioning and an automatic swap between multiple mobile carrier profiles without carrier integration, easily turning it into any operator’s SIM. It also ensures failover connectivity with the option to fall back from a failing profile to a different profile without any need to communicate with a remote server.

Webbing’s solution met all the connectivity requirements and guaranteed perfect uptime, high data transfer speed speeds, and consistent support, which all help Stone Security provide best-in-class service to their clients. The Webbing portal allows real-time view of each SIM the company has, managing them in a simple manner, setting up alerting and caps for data usage so that Stone Security clients can pay only for the data they use.

Webbing eUICC SIM Cards with WebbingCNCT

Webbing’s Solution:

  • Global data connectivity for mobile security units
  • eSIMs fully aligned with GSMA SGP.32 IoT eSIM Standard to ensure flexibility and control
  • Capability to use multiple carrier profiles with automatic swap from a failing profile
  • Management portal to control each SIM and data usage

Webbing’s solution delivered reliability and exceptional connection strength and speed that helped Stone Security to lower the total cost of ownership to their clients and the overall cost of the solution. The mobile security unit’s redundant cellular smart modem finds and connects to the nearest tower, so it does not throttle a data plan; instead, it has a fixed cost and alerts to overages. Stable connectivity also allows for real-time health monitoring of all devices to ensure the entire system is constantly operational.

The partnership with Webbing is instrumental in growing Stone Security business in new markets, helping the company to avoid the hassle of contracting with multiple local connectivity providers and overcome the hurdles of compliance with connectivity regulations and extra overhead costs.


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