Utilizing Remote SIM Provisioning for IoT, OEMs can now easily comply with connectivity regulations with a single SIM SKU


New York, NY – August 8, 2023 – Webbing, a global Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) providing connectivity for Enterprise Mobility and IoT applications, and Protahub, a new generation technology company providing state of the art provisioning technologies, today announced their successful cooperation in Remote SIM Provisioning for IoT in Turkey.

The cooperation comes on the heels of the strict connectivity regulations implemented in Turkey, pertaining to permanent roaming restrictions, data sovereignty and data localization. These regulations address Consumer and IoT devices, and mandate full localization of the SIM when a device is permanently connected to networks in the country.

Protahub is the authorized entity in Turkey to provide eSIM management solutions for the Telco industry, including remote SIM provisioning solutions. These capabilities enable mobile operators and IoT device manufacturers, with devices deployed in Turkey or roaming into the country, to switch the device connectivity to local networks, complying with the abovementioned regulations.

The cooperation between the companies allows Webbing to provide customers with global IoT deployments a connectivity solution that truly complies with all types of connectivity regulations, from maintaining IP traffic inside the country to remote, over-the-air full localization, with a single SKU SIM and connectivity service.

“This is a huge milestone for us that demonstrates our capabilities and interoperability. We are proud of our GSMA certified in-house developments and solutions and are looking forward to scaling our offering in this area,” said D.Özgür Yıldız, Technical Officer at Protahub.

Webbing is a market leader in eSIM technology and provides a leading-edge connectivity service for global enterprises. They offer a global carrier network that delivers best in class coverage, policy control and enforcement, as well as security and other features, all through a single global SIM. Webbing’s solutions enable roaming on over 600 mobile networks all over the world, which guarantees streamlined, continuous connectivity and global coverage.  Its core network allows for compliance with all local regulations and provides low latency due to its distributed infrastructure.

“It has been a complete pleasure working with Protahub on this cooperation. Their professionalism and proactive collaboration and support have been instrumental in our achievements,” said Yoram Zerahia, CTO at Webbing. “We are excited to be the first to provide enterprises, OEMs, and service providers a solution to overcome connectivity restrictions challenges in a seamless way, making global IoT deployments fast, cost-effective and future ready.”

Webbing also offers a portal to manage eSIMs throughout their lifecycle. It allows for defining business rules that govern the automatic profile swap process and provides visibility to profile usage and network events. Webbing’s solutions simplify IoT connectivity, reduce costs, and improve time to market, allowing enterprises to leverage connected devices while maintaining full control of their connectivity deployments.



Webbing is a global data MVNO that delivers innovative enterprise grade, global connectivity and IoT services. Its secured network of 600+ mobile carriers across more than 190 countries and regions ensures superior data connectivity between businesses, people, and things wherever the device is located.

Since Webbing’s foundation in 2010, the company has been developing revolutionary SIM technology, powerful management platforms and a robust global network that revolutionizes customers’ data, making it relevant and actionable. Its leading-edge solutions deliver a streamlined, centralized, and scalable means of deploying and managing organizations’ global fleet of devices. Webbing’s experts assist in every step of the device on boarding process to ensure customers are set up to meet their connectivity needs.

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Marketing Manager
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Protahub is a leading new generation technology provider with the objective to revolutionize global connectivity by crafting seamless and secure solutions that empower individuals and businesses to effortlessly stay connected worldwide. Since their establishment, they have invested heavily in research and development to develop state-of-the-art provisioning technologies to support mobile operators and IoT device manufacturers in all forms of eSIM provisioning architecture including GSMA Consumer and M2M Standards.

Protahub aspires to lead the telecommunications industry as a pioneer in Remote SIM Provisioning services, proudly holding GSMA SAS-SM certification. They leverage their SAS-SM certification and expertise to provide unparalleled Remote SIM Provisioning services with reliable, efficient, and secure connectivity solutions to clients. They are dedicated to positively impacting the telecommunications landscape, promoting digital inclusion, and elevating communication experiences for everyone.

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Business Operation Manager
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