by Webbing Team

Webbing’s cutting-edge solutions and revolutionary SIM technology are changing the way companies are connecting their workforce and machines. Our robust global cellular network and powerful management portal deliver a cost-effective, streamlined, centralized, and scalable means of implementing, controlling, monitoring, and optimizing data usage for global Enterprises and IoT deployments.

In a 2021 whitepaper that looks at the increasing importance of global and regional contracts for connectivity, Analysys Mason outlined the criteria for selecting a global IoT connectivity partner. They defined 10 key considerations companies need to evaluate when purchasing connectivity for IoT. Webbing’s connectivity solutions fulfill key IoT requirements and excel where multiple requirements are in play.

IoT connectivity factors to consider

  1. Coverage: Coverage in some countries varies significantly by operator.
    • The WebbingCNCT solution built into a single SIM offering, enables 600+ carriers to be accessed across the world. It facilitates backup and redundancy and ensures continuous connectivity in over 200 countries. SIMs are available in all form factors.
  1. Network: Access to networks such as 4G and 5G depends on the connectivity provider and the availability of some technologies, such as NB-IoT and LTE-M, vary by country.
    • Webbing is a full MVNO, which means we have a distributed core network with its own infrastructure and security. The Webbing network fully supports all cellular technologies from 2G through to 5G. Our experts help you ensure the implementation of the correct technology for your deployment needs.
  1. Operator Reputation: The reputation and financial position of connectivity providers matters, especially for IoT contracts as they have a lifespan of 5-10 years.
    • For over a decade, fortune 500 companies have relayed on Webbing’s superior technology combined with our solid strategic partnerships to provide them with the perfect balance of the benefits of a local and roaming carrier.
  1. Permanent Roaming (Regulatory Aspects): Some countries do not allow permanent roaming, such as Brazil, Turkey, and China.
    • Webbing’s innovative eSIM solution, WebbingCTRL, can easily become a localized SIM ensuring compliance in countries with regulatory restrictions, especially when Multi-IMSI and Roaming solutions can’t deliver.
  1. Permanent Roaming (Contractual Aspects): Some operators may charge extra for SIMs that permanently roam.
    • Webbing has been connecting businesses globally for over a decade. Our solid strategic partnerships and economy of scale ensure optimized price per device without compromising on quality.
  1. Operator Lock-In: The logistics of switching a SIM on an IoT device can be challenging. Some connectivity models allow to switch providers without swapping a removable SIM.
    • Webbing’s newest innovation, WebbingCTRL, allows you to choose the wireless carrier of your choice, whether WebbingCNCT or any other carrier, at any point in the lifecycle of your devices without integration. WebbingCTRL, is an eSIM with a management portal, that can easily and remotely be configured as any wireless carrier’s Profile, thus eliminating network provider lock-in.
  1. Latency: Latency can impact battery life; therefore, it is a consideration even if the use case does not need a very low response time.
    • Webbing has global data centers with local breakouts that ensure superior and unprecedented global access to reliable and high-quality internet, with low latency.
  1. Data Sovereignty: Some countries have regulations about where data is stored and processed.
    • Webbing has comprehensive solutions that ensure compliance with data sovereignty regulations, from regional data centers and Multi-IMSI to true SIM localizations with WebbingCTRL.
  1. Billing: All countries may not support advanced price plans, such as pooled plans across different countries or different billing models for low ARPU devices.
    • Webbing’s billing is fully customizable and supports all billing models. Since our inception, we have developed and maintained our own billing system in order to be able to deliver the flexibility our customers require.
  1. Other Services: Some connectivity providers offer more than just connectivity for devices: management platform, security, hardware, the ability to integrate with cloud services, etc.
    • Webbing provides a state-of the art management portal and full API suite that allows automation, policy settings, content control, security controls, advanced role-based permission, and organizational structure. Seamlessly connect with customers’ end Cloud-Providers.

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