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The Future of Transportation and Logistics is
Powered by Connectivity

The logistics sector has been using connected infrastructures long before the term IoT was coined. This connected ecosystem was developed to track delivery vehicles from remote locations and ensure timely delivery of the shipment on the required destination.

IoT in logistics has evolved the industry with its advanced telemetry capabilities and monitoring solutions. Its implementation has enabled a logistics business to evolve its modus operandi and gain elevated results. But without a powerful wireless connectivity solution, non of this would have been possible.

Webbing’s solutions have been serving the transportation and logistics industries for over a decade. They have relayed on Webbing’s superior technology combined with our solid strategic partnerships to provide them with the perfect balance of the benefits of a local and roaming carrier.

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Leading Webbing Use Cases for Transportation and Logistics IoT

Fleet & Vehicle Tracking

A Telematics company that delivers solutions that allow businesses to automate operations by integrating vehicle data and their other data assets. They specialize in connecting commercial vehicles to the internet and providing web-based analytics for fleet management solutions globally. They leverage data analytics and machine learning to help customers improve productivity, optimize fleets, enhance driver safety, and achieve strong compliance to regulatory changes and need a connectivity solution that allows them to easily and seamlessly switch between carriers when needed.

WebbingCTRL provides them with the control and flexibility they need to, centrally and remotely, provision multiple wireless carrier profiles and switch between them in minutes without the need for carrier integration. WebbingCTRL allows them to meet they’re connectivity needs with the carriers that meet their business needs at any given time.

Mission Critical

An American multinational conglomerate holding company which focuses on transportation, e-commerce and business services, provides rapid, reliable, time-definite delivery to more than 200 countries and territories. Their industry leading air route authorities and transportation infrastructure combined with leading-edge information technologies makes them a global leader in express transportation. Continues global data connectivity is critical for the success of their business.

WebbingCNCT’s fully redundant global IP network ensures reliability, performance, visibility, and control for their ecosystem eliminating the coverage gaps of their preferred carrier with one SIM, SKU, Invoice and Portal. WebbingCNCT dynamically finds the best available network for their application.

WebbingCNCT delivers secure, reliable and continuous internet connection for devices wherever they are located. It’s resilient and redundant network ensures continuous connectivity for devices on the move. It provides the speed and low latency the transportation and logistics industries require at competitive rates. Installation can be streamlined and at scale with WebbingCNCT’s revolutionary SIM technology, powerful management platforms and robust global network.

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The WebbingCTRL solution has been developed to simplify IoT connectivity and put the keys of connectivity in the hands of enterprises. It is an eSIM, with a management portal, that can easily and remotely be configured as any wireless carrier’s Profile, eliminating wireless carrier lock-in. For device on the move, this is especially important as there is a global trend to enforce regulatory requirements on communication services and data management such as data cannot leave the country. WebbingCTRL enables enterprises to easily comply with connectivity regulations with the activation of local wireless carriers. Lean, Flexible, Future Ready!

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