The Future of Agriculture is Powered by Connectivity

Smart Agriculture uses technologies like Internet of Things, sensors, location systems, robots and artificial intelligence on farms. Sensors installed at all critical places in the farm gather and transmit data about things like soil and air. The data collected is analyzed by the system and potential problems get identified. Based on the problems identified, decisions are made on the actions that need to be taken. Farmers can monitor the processes on their farms and implement decisions remotely utilizing mobile devices. The result is high precision and 24/7 control which translates to considerable savings in all key resources used.

Drones that monitor hundreds of acres to assess the health of crops and animals, smart sensors that help in the early detection of infestations, and automatic systems that water, fertilize and fumigate are all dependent on connectivity to succeed. In Smart Agriculture real-time data transfer is essential to unlock its value. It requires a connectivity solution with low latency, high bandwidth, high resiliency, and support for a density of devices offered by advanced and frontier connectivity technologies like LPWAN and 5G.

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WebbingCNCT delivers secure, reliable and continuous internet connection for devices wherever they are located. It fully supports all cellular technologies from 2G through to 5G. With capabilities such as backup profiles and multiple networks, it is designed to provide wide coverage area at competitive rates. It provides the speed and low latency Smart Agriculture requires for real-time data transfer.  Installation can be streamlined and at scale with WebbingCNCT’s revolutionary SIM technology, powerful management platforms and robust global network.

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The WebbingCTRL solution has been developed to simplify IoT connectivity and put the keys of connectivity in the hands of enterprises. It is an eSIM, with a management portal, that can easily and remotely be configured as any wireless carrier’s Profile, eliminating wireless carrier lock-in. Easily implement the best connectivity solution for each area of deployment, without carrier integration.

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