Industry 4.0

The Future of IIoT is Powered by Connectivity

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), also known as Industry 4.0, has arrived resulting in improved operating efficiency, quality, safety, and revenue growth. Connected smart factories provide data that companies never had access to before. They shed light on the dark corners of a factory: where is there excess inventory? How are assets being utilized? When is equipment under unnecessary stress? With connected assets, information from throughout the facility is now visible allowing companies to evolve and improve.

Connectivity is critical in order to drive greater value such as productivity and process improvements. If an application or process can’t connect to the network to share and access information, then all the planning and investment in developing a smart factory is wasted. The success of Industry 4.0 is hinged on the ability to connect assets, processes, people, and devices. Enterprises need high bandwidth, low latency connectivity that is flexible, reliable, secure, and scalable.

Webbing’s solutions provide the highly-reconfigurable environment of the smart factory the ability to flexibly onboard internet-enabled devices, tools, and sensors easily and securely. Cellular networks are secure by design: data is encrypted, and users are securely identified. Unauthorized users can not gain access. Device authentication is verified at the access level before the connection is established and data transfer takes place.

Medical Device

Leading Webbing Use Cases for Industry 4.0

Predictive Maintenance

A leading AI-based Machine Health solution provider has developed a platform that diagnoses machines based on the sounds they made, leveraging ultrasonic sensors paired with machine learning algorithms. The insights into the health and performance of machines the company provides is an integral part in enabling Digital Transformation in industrial and commercial applications. They provide improved visibility of machine performance, when to adjust maintenance and manufacturing processes, and actionable alerts. Their solution has high data consumption and needs stable connectivity.

Many solutions that they tested didn’t have good enough latency for their needs. They also didn’t meet their redundancy and high availability needs. Webbing’s local breakouts, multiple network solution and data server redundancy provided the company with the connectivity stability and low latency they were looking for.

The WebbingCNCT solution delivers a streamlined, centralized, and scalable means of deploying, controlling, monitoring and optimizing data usage. With capabilities such as backup profiles and multiple networks, it is designed to provide reliable, secure and continuous internet connection for devices wherever they are located. Local breakouts, a multiple network solution and data server redundancy provide the connectivity stability and low latency Industry 4.0 deployments need. WebbingCNCT provides 1 SKU, 1 APN, Zero-Touch provisioning, and  a single portal to manage all your deployments.

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The WebbingCTRL solution has been developed to simplify IoT connectivity and put the keys of connectivity in the hands of enterprises. It is an eSIM, with a management portal, that can easily and remotely be configured as any wireless carrier’s Profile, eliminating wireless carrier lock-in. Lean, Flexible, Future Ready! Ensuring a future proof network for your IIoT deployments.

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