The Future of IoMT is Powered by Connectivity

The rise in the numbers of connected medical devices, together with advances in the systems and software that support the capture and transmission of medical grade data, connectivity technologies and services, have created the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). The IoMT brings together people, data, processes and connected medical devices to deliver improved patient outcomes efficiently.

Medical device connectivity provides healthcare professionals with complete, accurate and current patient assessments on demand. Full access to patient data enhances a physician’s ability to make diagnostic assessments and select the most appropriate and effective form of treatment. As a result, caregivers can make informed decisions faster, speeding up the delivery of treatment and helping to improve outcomes.

To reap the benefits that connected medical devices provide, it is imperative to have a resilient and redundant connectivity solution with a robust and structured framework that can meet FDA standards.

Medical Device

Leading Webbing Use Cases for IoMT

Cloud Based Vision Enhancement Systems

One of the oldest Medical Instruments companies in the US specializing in optical products, launched the first-in-class surgical support applications run on the Cloud to help eye surgeons and surgical facilities work more efficiently with their vision enhancements systems. The efficiency features the company provides expedite technical support and allow for the synchronization of preferred surgical settings across multiple vison enhancement systems.

Several of the global connectivity solutions that they evaluated lacked resilience and redundancy as well as the notifications and alerts crucial for their operation. Webbing’s robust alerting capabilities, DPI services, and automatic failover provide their FDA governed environment the confidence that they will receive reliable, secure, and continuous internet connection for their applications.

Smart Clinical Trials

An evidence generation company with a focus on leveraging software, scientific knowledge, and operational expertise provides solutions for the capture and aggregation of evidence for clinical studies across traditional, virtual, and hybrid trial models. They simplify and streamline data generation and reduce the reliance on paper-based evidence gathering and management. They needed a competitive connectivity solution that can solve the challenges they face with global deployments and regional connectivity regulations.

Webbing’s solutions deliver the flexibility and competitive rates their business requires. WebbingCNCT provides the secure, reliable and continuous internet connection their global deployments demand. It meets their connectivity and management needs, needed reach and quality, and network policies and desired limitations. WebbingCTRL allows them to localize connectivity wherever required to easily comply with local and regional connectivity regulations.

WebbingCNCT’s powerful management platform accompanied by a robust global network has revolutionized data making it relevant and actionable. The solution allows you to manage your end environment in a streamlined, centralized, and scalable manner with a single SIM, invoice, and management platform.

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The WebbingCTRL solution has been developed to simplify IoT connectivity and put the keys of connectivity in the hands of enterprises. It is an eSIM, with a management portal, that can easily and remotely be configured as any wireless carrier’s Profile, eliminating wireless carrier lock-in. WebbingCTRL enables IoMT use cases to easily comply in a highly regulated market. Lean, Flexible, Future Ready! Ensuring a future proof network for your IoMT deployments.

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