The Future of Payment Systems is
Powered by Connectivity

Internet of Payments (IoP) combines analytics, connectivity, and payment infrastructure to provide your customers a frictionless payments experience. A connected payment system connects merchants to a total payment ecosystem allowing businesses to enable things other than a standard in-store terminal to authorize payments. Customers can use their phones, tablets, cars, kitchen and living room appliances, and watches to pay for goods.

Connected Payment Systems are more secure, expands your customer coverage, reduces your operational and processing costs, and have faster execution of transactions. They empower your customers to make faster, frictionless purchases.

Medical Device

Leading Webbing Use Cases for Payment Systems IoT

Unattended Payment Solutions

A global Fintech company that sells cashless, telemetry, management, monitoring and business intelligence products for the vending and unattended retail industries. They provide a comprehensive operating system and payment platform helping multiple retailers scale their business. Since many times their Point of Sale (POS) devices can be located in remote or underground locations where it is hard to predict the networks with optimal connection, they need a multi-network connectivity solution that can detect the best connectivity for each location.

WebbingCNCT’s out of the box optimized connectivity capability ensures connectivity to the best wireless carrier in the area. It offers large coverage area with 600+ wireless carriers in 200+ countries, connectivity choices to suit their data transmission needs, remote management and analytics of devices, and scalability.

Smart Payment Systems

A leading, public payment technology and services company, with business activities in 50 markets globally, provides secure and scalable payment processing solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. They support merchants worldwide and across all points of interaction through a single integration. Their solutions make payment processing more efficient and cost effective for merchants. They need a connectivity solution that allows for fast, secure global credit and debit card processing.

WebbingCNCT delivers secure, reliable and continuous internet connection for payment processing wherever the device is located. It provides the speed and low latency connected payment systems need. It is secure by design: data is encrypted, and users are securely identified.

The WebbingCNCT solution allows enterprises to scale up their connected payment systems quickly, easily, and securely. At its core, it enables an increased number of assets at the edge and offers you secure, reliable global connectivity for all your global deployments. WebbingCNCT helps you comply with PCI-DSS regulations as data is encrypted and users are securely identified.

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