The Future of Automotive is Powered by Connectivity

The automotive industry has been linking vehicles to information streams since the early days of the internet. Today, connected vehicles are becoming abundant. They communicate several data attributes from multiple sensors, providing rich data about vehicles and their surroundings. Vehicle data enables the great innovations taking place in the industry. It makes us smarter about the realities of the road, the performance of vehicles, as well as driver behavior. Connectivity and the wealth of data that it brings, is a key driver for the future of automotive.

The entire ecosystem of connected cars requires global and reliable networks with high bandwidth and low latency to manage data traffic from fleets of connected cars to allow for real-time communication. The ecosystem will include a multitude of connected devices along the roadside, such as cameras to monitor traffic situations, sensors to gauge temperature and driving conditions, and temporary roadwork signs. All these devices will have to communicate with cars, and many will rely on wireless connectivity for it.

Winner of the 2023 IoT Breakthrough Award: “M2M Vehicle Telematics Innovation of the Year”

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Leading Webbing Use Cases for Automotive IoT

Automotive Connectivity Platform

A market leading Telematics company that provides telematic connectivity units to leading brands in the automotive, heavy trucks, bus, and off-highway industry launched an off-the-shelf platform for Off Highway applications, including pre-installed data connectivity subscription and device management. They needed a connectivity provider that meets the demands of their industry.

WebbingCNCT provides them secure, reliable, and continuous internet connection wherever their devices are located. It’s failover capabilities ensures superior global access to reliable and high-quality internet, with low latency and the best of class coverage. WebbingCNCT provides them with the technical flexibility and future proof connectivity their business needs.

The WebbingCNCT solution has a resilient and redundant network that ensures consistent and stable connectivity. It offers large coverage area, remote management and analytics of devices, private networks & security options (VPN, APN), scalability, and most importantly, it is secure by design: data is encrypted, and users are securely identified. With WebbingCNCT you get the high bandwidth and low latency the automotive industry needs for real-time communication from fleets of connected cars. Installation can be streamlined and at scall with WebbingCNCT’s revolutionary SIM technology, powerful management platforms and robust, 5G ready global network.

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The WebbingCTRL solution has been developed to simplify IoT connectivity and put the keys of connectivity in the hands of enterprises. It is an eSIM, with a management portal, that can easily and remotely be configured as any wireless carrier’s Profile, eliminating wireless carrier lock-in. Easily comply with connectivity regulations with the activation of local wireless carriers with a single SKU SIM. Lean, Flexible, Future Ready!

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