“Like Webbing, I want to be a pioneer”

Mateusz Sadzik, Help Desk Team Lead at Webbing, tells his story of moving from Poland to Israel, picking up a new hobby, shares why he wants to take a step beyond the usual scope of IT support, and how the mojito became Webbing’s favorite cocktail.


Mateusz Sadzik, Help Desk Team Lead


From Poland to Israel

I’m originally from Poland and grew up in a small village not far from Warsaw, the Polish capital. After I finished school, I moved to Warsaw to study at the university and lived there until I moved to Israel. Currently I live in Ramat-Gan and it’s the place that I call home.

I got my bachelor’s degree in electronic and telecommunication systems from the Military University of Warsaw. It may sound a bit misleading because I was a civil student. Currently, I’m continuing my education: about a year ago I started my master’s degree in computer science at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology.

Since I can remember, I have always been surrounded by computers. I was fascinated by how they work, and I wanted to explore and understand how many little pieces come together to create something that we can’t live without these days. When I was 14, I built my first custom PC, and afterwards, I built several more for my family members. If there was anything to do with their devices, I was the person to call. I believe that was the moment when I figured out what my career path should be when I grow up.

I have been working since I was 12 years old – not because I had to, but because I liked to feel independent. Every summer when school ended, I would pick fruits or sell something with my brother. While at the university, I was a bartender, working evenings and weekends. A year before my graduation, I started my first full-time job. I got a position in the IT department of a global corporation R&D center in Warsaw, where I was responsible for systems maintenance, supporting nearly 2000 employees.

I was fortunate to be part of a great team led by an outstanding manager who inspired me on how to be proactive and highly effective in the workplace. I applied many of his pieces of advice from back then in my current role.

Shortly before my departure, I was honored with the title of “the best business support employee of the year.” After dedicating three and a half years to my work, I decided to pursue a lifelong dream—relocating abroad to immerse myself in a new and diverse culture.

Once I arrived in Israel, often referred to as the high-tech nation, I was eager to find a job and found Webbing on LinkedIn. The whole interview process was very quick, and within two or three weeks I had a new job.

I also got a new hobby – when I moved abroad, I got a bike as a gift from my friends. It turned out to be a perfect farewell present. Now, I go to work by bike every day, and on weekends I go on bike trips around the area where I live. Funny thing, but when I started coming to work by bike, my manager, Ohad, decided to buy one, and he comes to work by bike now too. I was happy to share my hobby with others at Webbing.

Growing within Webbing

It’s been two years since I came to Webbing. I started in the IT Team and worked as a Help Desk Specialist for more than a year. I don’t think I’ve ever excelled in getting so much knowledge in such a short time in my life.

I didn’t have experience with cloud environments, and during my first days at Webbing I decided to take a course and get a Microsoft Cloud certificate. It really helped me to get into the environment that we use. I have also started another network course, which is an ongoing thing for me now. Most exciting to discover were low-code and no-code applications, and together with the HR team we created apps for our employees that help the HR team work more effectively. I read a lot about it now, and I’m constantly thinking about new ways to bring automation not only to my team, but also to other teams.

At some point I thought “I already have 5 years of experience in the field, I want to get to the next step, to explore more”, so I communicated it to my manager. We figured out what would be my career path, how I can grow within Webbing, and after some discussions my manager offered me a team lead position. It was a great opportunity for me, so I went for it. Since August, I have been leading the Help Desk team at Webbing.


Mateusz Sadzik, Help Desk Team Lead


Webbing gives me comfort and confidence

There is quite a lot that makes Webbing unlike other companies.

First, it is going through a constant transformation in a really good way and keeps growing. You’re certainly never bored here.

Second, Webbing is very flexible. They really value their employees, they want them to feel good, and if something feels off, there is always room for discussion.

Third, Webbing gives this amazing feeling of comfort. Many people, when asked what kind of things they’re looking at when choosing an employer, would say “good atmosphere”. This sounds very cliché, but once a guy told me “You don’t appreciate good atmosphere until you feel bad atmosphere in the company”. A bad atmosphere is what I never got to feel at Webbing. I never felt that by the end of weekend I’m getting stressed because I need to go to work the next day.

As for a foreigner living in Israel, Webbing gave me that safe space where I could talk to everyone. I really found my best friends in this company. I don’t mean only when we see each other in the corridors of the office – we meet after work, we go for trips, we hike together, and it’s great. When new people join us, we always say “Welcome to the family”, and that’s how I feel, we are a family.

Webbing also gave me confidence to stand out, to express my ideas. There are no wrong questions here, no hard hierarchy, you can suggest things to your manager.


Mateusz Sadzik, Help Desk Team Lead


What I like about my work

Here I don’t feel like I do the same thing every day. There is always a challenge, every day I move forward. I believe that in my field, if you don’t move forward in technology, you’re not simply left behind, you actually move backwards. And as a company, Webbing always stays up to date, but they don’t just follow the trends, they want to set them. It motivates me to act the same way in my team. I don’t want to follow others, I want to bring value, I want to be a pioneer, I want to make people’s lives and work easier.

All this makes me want to go to work. Maybe it’s also the great cookies that are in the kitchen every morning.

I really like to automate things and make them easier. At home, I was trying to build something that would allow me to do things faster. At Webbing, my manager gave me the idea that I could start bringing some automation to other teams and build applications for them. When you think about it, it’s not the scope of IT support work, where you should just maintain systems and troubleshoot issues. But working in this team feels totally different, we get out of that usual framework, and we go forward.

I also really enjoy whipping up some awesome mojitos for my office mates at the end of the workweek. It all started when I casually mentioned my past life as a bartender in a conversation, and voilà, it turned into a fabulous tradition!

I appreciate being here

When you step in through the door in the morning and see our office manager, smiling at you and all the people walking around with coffee and having small talk, it puts you in a great vibe.

There are things at Webbing that I have never experienced before. For instance, our company has this great idea of bringing everyone together, getting to know each other, and it helps us so much in our relationship. There is no distance, and everyone is so supportive. When I had an idea of organizing a yoga class, I talked to the office manager, and it just happened.

Our HR team is constantly organizing happy hours, trips around the country, get-togethers. Something personally significant to me is the dedication of our HR team in bringing an eco-friendly office environment and making a positive impact on the world. I truly appreciate their efforts. We do volunteering, and it’s a great idea that our company is contributing to society.  I enjoy our fun days most of all, when we travel together and get to know people from a different, more personal side. And people at Webbing, they’re so much fun.

Coming from a different mentality, a different work culture, I found my work-life balance at Webbing. Webbing trusts its employees, it gives them the best they can get, and people give it back. It’s certainly a more rapid and dynamic environment here at work than what I had in Poland, but it’s so flexible, and knowing people have their duties also as parents or students, Webbing respects that. It’s never a problem when you need to take care of some personal stuff.

Being open-minded in every aspect, Webbing welcomes you as you are, doesn’t try to change you. I feel that I don’t need to pretend to be someone else at work, I just can be myself, personally and professionally. I really value that Webbing is a diverse and open-minded place where your voice has meaning and you can openly speak to colleagues, managers, the founders, and you just feel that it’s genuine.

Working at Webbing is like being part of an exciting, tight-knit family that’s always pushing the boundaries of innovation. It’s a place where support and creativity thrive. Personally, I’m thrilled to be part of this journey, and I’d encourage anyone who’s looking for a fun and rewarding environment to consider joining us. It’s not just a job; it’s an adventure!