“Everything I learned, I learned at Webbing”

Yuley Eldar, our Solutions Director, tells her story of starting as an office manager and growing with the company to become the one defining the way all of Webbing’s solutions are developed, explains where her professional skills come from, and shares how some industry events look from the other side.


Yuley Eldar, Solutions Director


From Barcelona to Webbing

I didn’t have much work experience before I joined Webbing. After graduating from Tel Aviv University with a degree in Physics and Asian studies, I went on a trip to Barcelona – and in a few months started working for Israeli Airlines’ (El Al) security there. It was a great time, Barcelona is wonderful.

I lived there for three years, and I saw many events such as the GSMA convention from the other side, having to provide security for all the flights. It was fun, but after three years, I decided that was enough, and I wanted to go back to Israel. That’s where I found Webbing, and I’ve been here ever since.

From office manager to solutions director

I’ve been at Webbing for 9 years now.

When I came back from Barcelona, I interviewed at several places. Most positions didn’t interest me, and then I came to Webbing. They were looking for an office manager to help with logistics, UPS pickups and deliveries. The people seemed nice, the company seemed to be growing and have some future opportunities, so I started working here.

Slowly, I began to take on more responsibilities. First, I asked the main salesperson if he needed any help. He gave me some things to do in addition to the logistics work that I did. Little by little, I gained more responsibilities, mostly in back office and operations. I also started to help with technical support. Then there was some reorganization in the company, and I took charge of the logistics and technical support that we had at the time.

As Webbing grew, we started hiring more people. Eventually, we built departments to manage operations and technical support, and I moved to the product department. That’s where I am now, and I’m very happy.


Yuley Eldar, Solutions Director


Still learning how special Webbing is

A lot of things have changed since I started. In the beginning, we were 20 people, a small startup company where everyone was doing everything. We’re a lot more organized now. We have more processes and more expertise.

But there are also a lot of things that haven’t changed. Webbing is still a wonderful place to work at. In some magical way we manage to keep the same atmosphere we had before. Webbing takes care of employees, and the employees care about Webbing. It’s amazing we haven’t lost it now that we’re growing so much.

I don’t have a lot of experience with other companies. But hearing others describing their work, I realize more and more how special Webbing actually is. The things I take for granted working here, just don’t happen in other places.

Evolving all the time

Work at Webbing keeps me interested, because it’s never boring here. And it’s a place where I feel I have an impact. So, even though I’m not doing everything as I did before, I still feel that I have a lot of influence over things that are happening.

Whenever I’m curious about something, whoever I turn to takes the time to talk to me and explain what’s going on, because it’s important for people here to share their knowledge and make sure that everyone is feeling connected. I think it makes our work environment unique and much more enjoyable.  People here really care about what you want to know, even if it’s something that is out of your scope of work. It makes my work better because I can see the full picture. And it’s important to me – to feel I’m not left out of anything.

We are evolving all the time. It’s interesting because we’re always doing something new. I also feel that if you’re in the right state of mind and the right circumstances, you personally can grow with Webbing. My professional advancement has always been in path with Webbing. I feel that I’m growing with the company.

I did a few courses about cellular networks and a big product course, but I guess that mostly it was on-the-job training where I learned from everyone. If we’re talking about professional growth, definitely everything I learned, I learned at Webbing. I’m an MBA graduate, but the real management skills that I have is something that’s grown here. And a lot of the things I learned came directly from the founders, Noam Lando and Yaniv Elron.


Yuley Eldar, Solutions Director


Enabling environment

The most fun thing at work is a ping pong table, of course. But seriously, I guess it’s the people that are the most fun here. When I happen to work at home, the thing that I miss the most is actually seeing the people that work at Webbing.

The enablement that Webbing gives and how accepting it is to work-life balance is amazing. I have the experience of transitioning from a young woman working in a high-tech company to someone who became a mother in the same workplace. And I think that Webbing enabled me to be the mother that I want to be. No one lifted an eyebrow when my first kid was born and I started working less hours, I never had any issues when I had to stay at home with my kids because they’re sick or when there’s no daycare. I never felt any stress taking vacations when I wanted to or spending days off. That’s a very good atmosphere for people who want to work, love the way they work and work hard, but also want to have other things in their lives that are important to them.

For me, Webbing is people, challenges and an enabling environment, but there are also many other things. I can’t pick just one thing that I like the most about Webbing, because it really is the combination of many things that I find important, and they are all happening here at the same time.